12v 5A Inline Switch Black With Dc Connectors - DCSW5ABLK

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12V 5A DC Connector Switch Power Plug Cord For 3528/5050 Strip

Easy to install, connecting strip to strip, strip to controller, great for flexible LED Strip light.
Suitable for many applications including controlling a led strip.(Install switch between power supply and strips)
Connect reliable, work effective.
Supply Voltage: 12V
Output: 5A
Color: Black
Net weight: 22 g
Overall Length: 36cm
Switch body approx: 60mmx20mmx20mm(LxWxH)
Working Temperature : 0~40C
Storage Temperature : -20~60c

Package Include:
1 x 12V 5A DC Connector Switch Cable
Material :
  • Metal & abs plastic
Voltage Input :
12v AC/DC
Warranty :
12 Month replacement warranty
Manufacturer :
Electrical Products Australia

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