Cavius Thermal Heat Alarm Sensor Detector - Worlds Smallest 10 YEAR Battery

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Detector - Worlds Smallest 10 YEAR Battery

Worlds Smallest Heat Alarm

The Cavius heat alarm combines state of the art electronics and superior product design.
The aesthetically pleasing Cavius heat detector has a 10 year long life battery included, a penetrating sound at 85db(A) siren at 3 metres.
Ideal for locations were a fire is more flame and heat than smoke such as kitchens, garages, laundries and workshops.
The heat alarm is activated when it senses a rapid increase in room temperature.
Note: These units are battery operated not hard wired.
  • 10 year long life lithium Duracell battery
  • Multi function side button
  • 10 minute hush option
  • 30 day low battery warning
  • Unique 'smart clip' ceiling mechanism for installation
  • 85dB(A) at 3 metres
  • Certified to Australian Standard AS3786-1993
  • Product Size W:40 H:50 L:50
  • Plastic

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